How SumUp automates more than 150 business trip & work-from-abroad requests per month

Industry: FinTech
Employees: >3.200
Locations: 23 (across the EU, USA and Latin America

About SumUp: Founded in 2012, the company is the financial partner of more than 4 million small merchants in over 36 markets worldwide, helping its customers to start, operate and grow their businesses.

The Challenge

SumUp is a dynamically growing FinTech company and is constantly looking for new ways and tools to further optimize processes and thus increase productivity.

Mobile working abroad at SumUp is governed by a policy that includes checks on length of service, existing visas and work permits as well as other requirements for mobile working abroad.

The requests were previously submitted by employees in a Workday form and processed by the Global Mobility Team. With more than 150 international trips per month, this often took more than 45 minutes of admin work per trip.

Success Story

"Das Rewards und Global Mobility Team war nicht darauf ausgelegt monatlich mehr als 150 internationale Dienstreise- und Remote Work Anträge zu prüfen und die dafür notwendigen Compliance Dokumente zu erstellen".

Melina Mootien
Former Global Rewards & Mobility Lead

The Solution

Travel Compliance Automation.

A seamless integration with Workday and Navan has made it possible to fully automate the process.

Employees access premote's self-service portal through Workday and can submit their request for business trips and mobile working there. The policy assessment shows travelers in real time whether they have the necessary authorization for the trip.

The required approvals are automatically requested by managers and the Global Mobility Team.

Additionally, Navan and premote are connected with an API that fetches booking data and prepares compliance documents accordingly.

  • Automated processing of A1 certificates

  • Automated Policy Assessment

  • Workday and Navan Integration

  • Saving more than 50h admin work per months

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